Sustainability is an important consideration. Both buildings will have cycle and shower provisions, a site wide CHP and BREEAM ‘Excellent’ ratings.


The developers take sustainability and building environmentally responsible buildings extremely seriously and have considered both at the earliest design stages to ensure they are integral parts of the building.

Current measures include:

  • Fan coil motors: DC motors require less energy to do the same amount of work as the AC equivalent.
  • Façades: Controlled proportion of glazing of approximately 40%. Deep window reveals to provide solar shading and use of high performance DGUs with solar control coatings to reduce amount of solar gain.
  • Lighting and automatic-lighting control: High-frequency lamps on an automatic control system reduce energy consumption and can be programmed to suit specific office layouts.
  • Variable-volume pumping and inverter-drive fans: Cooling and heating water circulation control reduces energy consumption and improves the expected life of pumps. Further efficiency is created with all large fans having inverter drives.
  • The primary LPHW circuit: Includes a connection via a heat exchanger to the landlord’s site-wide CHP system.
  • High-efficiency chiller and boiler plant: Adiabatic dry-air coolers and water-cooled chillers provide excellent efficiency and performance. Gas-fired boilers maintain exceptional boiler efficiency.
  • Building Management System (BMS): In addition to providing early warning, the heating and cooling system controls are integrated via the BMS, ensuring energy usage is optimised.
  • Energy Management System: To monitor energy usage.
  • Building carbon dioxide emission rate: The building carbon dioxide emission rate (BER) will be less than the target carbon dioxide mission value (TER) by demonstrating compliance in accordance with the requirements of the Building Regulations Approved Document L2A (2010).


The building will be assessed in accordance with BREEAM assessment for 2008 and is expected to achieve an ‘Excellent’ rating.


The building has been designed to achieve an EPC ‘B’ rating.

View the full specifications for 2 Fitzroy Place here.